Thank you for considering us as your child’s preschool. Wiston Family Torah Tots at Temple Torat Emet is a caring and nurturing environment that creates a comfortable and happy place for preschoolers to learn and grow.  We are proud to have been accepted into the Strong Minds Program, one of only twelve (12) preschools in the county to achieve this status.  The uniqueness of our program can be found in the quality of the day-to-day interactions among the children, staff and parents.  We encourage children to develop a positive self-image, while building social skills and Jewish Values through our “Learn through Play” Curriculum.

Our daily schedules include hands-on exploration to guide the child’s creativity, independence and problem solving skills.  Small and large group activities strengthen the preschooler’s social skills, self-esteem, and teamwork abilities. We encourage a love of learning by helping them feel success without pressure.   At the same time, we foster a positive Jewish Identity and help each child develop an appreciation of their Jewish heritage.

We thank you for considering us as your child’s future Preschool and look forward to welcoming you into our school family.

Why Choose Torah Tots


Our staff is comprised of a team of dedicated, caring and educated professionals. Our teachers have a minimum of 40 hours of training, CPR qualification and participate in ongoing professional development throughout the year.


Torah Tots has a developmental approach in which children’s play activities are viewed as precursors to the academic activities of elementary school. A child learns through play. Through play, children develop their social skills; they learn to share, to verbalize their feelings and to become part of a group. While engaged in play, children feel uninhibited, therefore, they feel a sense of freedom in which they are able to explore ideas, practice skills and imitate adult roles. All other learning is based on this fundamental ability. The learning environment is carefully planned using centers that foster discovery, learning and exploration.


Our school has an open door policy for parents. Parents are welcomed into the classrooms and invited for many holiday celebrations.


Our PTO is responsible for planning various types of events throughout the year. In addition to PTO events, such as Book Fair, Grandparent Shabbat and Spring Concert, we have weekly Shabbat assembly and other holiday celebrations.

What Parents Say

“My 3rd child is entering VPK this upcoming year.  My other 2 children both graduated from Torah Tots in the past and I have cried both times.  Tears from happiness from watching them grow into such amazing little humans and from them having to say goodbye to an outstanding preschool!  Bring out the tissues for next year as I am sure I will be crying more than ever.  Thank you to the amazing teachers and administration for everything you have done for our family.  i would never trust anyone else with my babies!”

“Wiston Family Torah Tots is an incredible preschool led by experienced administrators who truly care for each and every student in their school.  The exceptional teachers know each child’s name – not just those in their own class – which helps to create a warm, family atmosphere.  Each classroom is filled with a mix of education, exploration, laughter, love and security.  All things that are extremely important for me as a parent.  I couldn’t be happier that my daughter is a Torah Tot! “

“An intimate, loving, engaging environment for our little ones. Small class sizes make each student feel special and each room feel like a happy family. All individuals, from teachers to staff to directors, genuinely know and care about each child. And every day is filled with enriching, stimulating learning experiences. We couldn’t be happier.”

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