Tiny Toddlers:
Children 18 months – 2 years old

Toddlers discover their world by exploring, engaging in imaginative play, and interacting with peers.

Terrific Twos:
Children 2 years old – 3 years

Toddlers enjoy movement.  Our toddlers will discover their world on a physical level and learn by engaging.  We emphasize on creative expression, encouraging individuality, and independence, and guide through creative exploration.

Fabulous Three’s:
Children 3 years old – 4 years

Children begin to learn about themselves and the world around them.  Torah Tots offers unlimited opportunities to engage in active learning through choices, challenges, and creative exploration.  Teachers integrate print and language into every activity throughout the day.  Their instruction includes upper and lower-case letters, beginning sounds, simple word recognition, and the writing of their name.

Children 4 years old +

This year-long learning adventure will engage and challenge the children in all content areas.  Torah Tots utilizes Creative Curriculum and The Florida State Standards to inspire and educate in a loving and encouraging environment.

Key features

  • Caring, warm enivornment

  • Flexible structured play

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